The time has come to start planning for our upcoming 2022 McGuire Wholesale Truck show. Last year was a Great 1st annul McGuire Wholesale truck show, we had the wonderful ladies with The Blue Star Mothers of Hardin Co. as…

Sure-Trac Trailers just arrived!

Christmas arrived a little late… There is some good news; we have a new load of Sure-Trac Trailers that just rolled into the lot! Keep your eyes out for when we get them listed. You can call us at 800-860-3744…

Tires? No problem.

Car tires? Yeah we can do that! Thanks Alivia for letting us install your new tires! Now you can be safe heading to college with your new set of Cooper’s !!

Decked gear now available

We have a new product for your bed! Check out the video attached to see all the great options for the our Decked gear!

Christmas Gift Ideas

Gavin stopping by to say hello to everyone and giving out some great Christmas gift ideas!